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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I get Casio Keyboard printed owner's manuals?
    Call Casio's help and information line at 973-361-5400 or write to:
    1. Casio Customer Service
      570 Mt. Pleasant Ave.
      Dover, NJ 07801

    Our company, Keyboards Today, offers recorded Talking Owner's Manuals on audio cassette and/or videos for over 55 specific Casio Keyboard models on this site. Follow the link to Talking Owner's Manuals from the Online Shopping area to see if we have your exact model available. 

  2. How do I find a repair center for Casio Keyboards or for replacement parts like broken keys?
    Call 800-708-1651 for addresses and phone numbers.


  3. I have an older model Casio and want a new one with upgraded features. Do you buy used ones or take trades?
    Sorry, but we carry only the lastest model brand new Casio Keyboards with all the latest features. Many of our customers donate their older instruments to schools or churches for a tax deduction and then order their new one from us. Check with your tax advisor.


  4. Can my instrument be modified to add a sustain pedal connection or MIDI jacks?
    Yes, but at a very high cost. It will cost you less to purchase a new instrument with these and other desirable features built in.


  5. Do you recommend any specific musical software for use with my Casio multimedia keyboard and my personal computer?
    Yes, check out the Multimedia Kit (CD-ROM and Cable) offered in Musical Software section of our Online Shopping Catalog. It is a Casio product and works very well with their MIDI capable models.


  6. Where can I learn more about Casio Keyboards and Accessories?
    You can check out other related sites:


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