Established 1989, in Costa Mesa, California, as a full time endeavor, the Talking Owner's Manuals founders are avid portable musical keyboard fanatics. Both founders, Tom Piggott (originally from Massachusetts) and Dan Hakala (from Michigan) purchased their first portable keyboards in 1963. Since then, they have played, taught, arranged, written about, created music curricula and textbooks, designed sounds and panel layouts, modified, amplified, composed with, performed and recorded with many famous artists on major record labels and in concert, marketed and promoted the use of these fantastic electronic keyboard music making machines.

Collectively they have owned over 300 varied models of acoustic and electric pianos, organs, synthesizers, bass keyboard units, analog and digital keyboards and pianos. The musically trained college-grad founders have played on many LPs, CDs, TV performances, even with symphony orchestras, show and club groups and stage bands internationally. They have conducted seminars about electronic keyboards at dozens of universities and have been employees or consultants to over 15 worldwide keyboard manufacturing companies since they began working for ARP Synthesizers, a pioneer of music synthesizers, in 1973. They have provided services to many manufacturers, and are "settled in", providing extensive third party support for CASIO keyboards.

The company specializes in the musical education business via mail order, creating instructional materials, accessories, and marketing products for CASIO keyboard hobbyists - both amateurs and professionals. Talking Owner's Manuals has created over 100 "talking" (non-printed) manuals for music products since its inception. The company stocks over 200 musically related items tested for use with CASIO keyboards, to make playing portable keyboards fun, enjoyable and rewarding for all skill levels. They believe their selection and variety is the largest available in the United States.

The company refuses to sell its mailing list of inquirers and customers, and maintains the highest standards of security for all credit card transactions. Over 500,000 recorded instructional programs have been purchased from Talking Owner's Manuals.

--Dan Hakala, Owner

What some previous satisfied customers have had to say about Talking Owner's Manuals:

I don't remember the exact time on Tuesday afternoon that I placed my order but it was rather late EST. Lo and behold the order arrived at noon today, Thursday. That's less than two days from California to Florida. In addition to first class merchandise, I received better than first class service. THANK YOU!
A very satisfied customer...

Ken P., Largo, FL

Here's "Dusty" at the Casio CTK-530 keyboard!

Lloyd R., Upland

Thank you so much for sending me the tape, How to Operate and Enjoy Your WK-1500 Keyboard. It has been very helpful and I have side two yet to go.

Gail B.

I received your tapes and am absolutely delighted. they are helping me a great deal.

--Yale B., Boston

I just wanted to say Thank you for the T.O.M. - I received a Casio CTK-1000 for Christmas and I really enjoy playing it, but there were alot of functions that I didn't underatand ... I ordered the T.O.M. cassette and now I'm more excited than ever about playing. Not only do I understand what all the buttons are for, I know the capability of the keyboard and how great each rhythm and each tone can sound ... I was "sounding" experienced the same night. It was like having my own instructor. This is great!! Thank you!!!

--Linda S., New Britain

The Never Be Embarassed Video and CD are the Grand Staff of learning and enjoyment.

--Steven L.

Keep up the good work.

--Jenny S.

I really am enjoying all the orders I have made so far. Thanks again.

--Gloria B.

Just a thank you to the gentleman who answered the phone, on 4/3/95 at 9:05, was very helpful and patient with questions from a new, mediocre Casio owner.

--Gloria C.

I appreciate your help. Your quick response shows that you care about your customers.

--Nancy T., Inglewood

I am writing to let you know how much I am enjoying my new Casio 110 - I sent for the cassette explaining the instructions. I found this to be most useful and I couldn't learn this without this detail. It should be required.

--Bernyce F., Carvallis

I ordered cassette 2/12/97 ... nice job!

--Dave P., Washington

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